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Heads by Tiffanie Turner Artist Reception

We are so excited to announce next month's gallery artistthe supremely lovely and talented, Tiffanie Turner. A native East Coaster, she now lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children. Since beginning working in paper last year, her work has been featured in the far corners of the internet, as well as right here at Rare Device. Tiffanie teaches classes in different paper techniques around the Bay Area under the moniker "papel SF". You can view and buy the pieces here. 
Running from May 2-28, 2014, "Heads" is a collection of giant blossoms in paper, exploring the organized chaos and rhythms of nature, as well as exhibiting the feats of strength required to complete these large scale works. Please join us on May 9 from 6-8:00 p.m. to celebrate her artist reception! We will be offering complimentary wine, cookies and fruit.
- Kehau 

Photographs by Sarah Deragon

Artist Statement:
My work in paper stems from my background as an architect, particularly my interest in how things are made and the use of repetitive elements, along with my lifelong obsession with flowers and botanical drawings. The exploration of scale plays heavily into everything I do, and the organized chaos and rhythms in nature make the heads of flowers an excellent case study for me.

The pieces I made for "Heads" each took between 35-80 hours from start to finish. To me, the process of creating one of these pieces is similar to that of a person sitting down to work at a loom or to sew a huge quilt together from small pieces of material, except that at some point metastasis occurs and the pieces become out of control. I consider these heads a starting point to hone my technique, and am looking forward to exploring botany on a larger scale, both literally and figuratively.

Both stylistically and in their prolific natures, I am moved by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Lee Bontecou, Jeffrey Ripple and Tom Friedman, and I firmly believe that if it didn't take a long time, you're not doing it right.  
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  • I’m so excited about your show. I would love to come. Hope to see you there! Cathy

    Cathy Wride

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