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May Gallery Exhibition: Lisa Anderson Shaffer "AERIAL"


Rare Device is pleased to announce our May 2016 gallery exhibition AERIAL, featuring new work by artist and jewelry designer Lisa Anderson Shaffer.

AERIAL explores the ever-changing and temporary truth of nature. Each piece in the series begins with actual aerial photographs of the West Marin County coastline the artist calls home. Anderson abstracts and renders each location as a three-dimensional fiber artwork formed by crochet, nautical knots, and embroidery. Each intricate piece incorporates delicate details, but color and recognizable shapes have been removed. Anderson’s sculptures depict small areas of ocean depth, erosion, and shoreline that take on their own beauty, isolated and abstracted from their original context. AERIAL captures a coastline frozen in time, even as the original location may have changed or even forever disappeared before the artist has even completed each fiber piece.

Anderson’s fascination with the ever-changing flux of nature began when she moved to West Marin nearly 3 years ago. Surrounded by sweeping views of the nearby mountains while confronted with intimate details of a single leaf raised Anderson’s curiosity and heightened her sensitivity to viewing both perspectives simultaneously. AERIAL is an invitation to experience both the faraway and intimate details of nature all at once: “To not only see the coastline, but also each grain of sand, all at the same time,” says Anderson. “The same location at the same time on the next day will be completely different. Forever temporary.”

Lisa Anderson Shaffer is best known for fine art fiber installations and her collection of modern fiber jewelry designs, Zelma Rose, named for Anderson’s grandmother Zelma, who first taught a 9-year-old Lisa to cross-stitch. With an intergenerational collection of Anderson family needlework as inspiration, Lisa has been creating her own modern needlework for the past 15 years. She holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MS from San Francisco State University. She is a 3-time California Arts Council Artist in Residence Recipient, along with an Academy of Handmade Awardee for Best Artist in Needlework. Lisa Anderson Shaffer currently resides and works in the mountains of West Marin County, California.

Lisa Anderson Shaffer's AERIAL is on view at Rare Device from Friday, May 6 to Tuesday, May 31. Please join us for a reception for the artist on Friday, May 6, from 6pm-9pm at our Divisadero location (600 Divisadero Street). This reception is free and open to the public. RSVP here.

Detail of Lisa Anderson Shaffer's AERIAL

Lisa Anderson Shaffer in her studio, photographed by Tory Putnam

Lisa Anderson Shaffer in her studio, photographed by Tory Putnam



Letter Writing Social to Celebrate Letter Writing Month


Photo credit: Alison Christiana

April is National Letter Writing Month! To encourage everyone to join in this celebration of handwritten communication, on Thursday, April 14 we hosted a Letterwriting Social at Rare Device on Divisadero Street.

For our Letterwriting Social, we set up a writing desk and chairs. Customers of all ages were welcome to drop-in and write a letter or a card and we provided postage, snacks and beverages. Guests could choose from Rare Device's broad selection of stationery, greeting cards and blank cards, and some attendees even brought their own writing materials. It was a fun, casual evening with guests even exchanging addresses and sending each other letters.

Everyone loves getting personal snail mail, so why not send a fan letter to someone you admire, or perhaps you have a friend who needs a dose of extra cheer. Thank your neighbor, impress your business contacts with a handwritten note, or reconnect with a family member. Nurture a friendship or budding romance with the power of penmanship.  Below are some more of the cards we have in stock at Rare Device. We hope to see you soon!


Cards by Red Cap Cards, Yellow Owl Workshop, Navy Midnight Press, and Antiquaria Design


Guests busily writing cards and letters


Letters addressed, stamped, and on their way!



Louise Leong Artist Reception and Gallery Exhibition


Louise Leong at Rare Device

Our April gallery show is up: Louise Leong's Rebus Shmebus opened on April Fool's Day with a fun reception with the artist in attendance and a potato chip bar for our guests. Rebus Shmebus is on view through May 2 at Rare Device Divisadero. Thank you all for coming!

Rebus Shmebus will be up until Tuesday, May 2 at Rare Device Divisadero (600 Divisadero Street). Leong's original artworks, created with acrylic pen markers on canvas, can be purchased online. We also have a selection of small prints and cards silkscreened by Louise Leong. For more information, contact Giselle Gyalzen at or call us at 415-863-3969.

Louise Leong with Kenny and Sanaa of Tiny Splendor

Rebus Shmebus!

Leong cites potato chip packaging as an artistic influence, so we offered a potato chip bar for the opening reception

Guests critiquing the potato chip selection 

Banana Slugs well-represented throughout the night!

Rebus Shmebus by Louise Leong: Gallery Exhibition & Artist Reception


Louise Leong, "Rebus Shmebus Cigarette Butt"
Acrylic marker on wood panel

Rare Device is pleased to announce our April 2016 gallery exhibition Rebus Shmebus, featuring new and recent drawings by Louise Leong. Louise Leong is a printmaker and illustrator based in Santa Cruz.

The Rebus Shmebus series, named for the drawings' resemblance to rebus pictogram puzzles, is an exercise in visual boggle. This series of marker drawings on panels is a slight departure from Leong's typical printmaking process. Initially approached as studies in abstraction, these new works remain true to the playful visual repertoire that Leong is known for, pulling familiar graphic symbols from her printed works. Familiar objects such as the cigarette butt and trash ball come together in an energetic landscape of bold, black flats and crisp-edged arrows. Inspired by graphics on potato chip packaging and Max Fleischer cartoons alike, Louise Leong’s bold, playful imagery and tongue-in-cheek humor have attracted audiences of all ages. The narrative of her imagery evokes a sense of collective affinity for mischief and mystery and attempts to grasp the everlasting joy from childhood adventure that escapes us as we age. Leong's visual arsenal of characters reveals a reverence for the mundane, with a healthy sprinkling of cartoon tropes and gags.

Louise Leong received a B.A. in Printmaking, Studio Arts from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2012. Leong is a member of the Printmakers at the Tannery (PATT) at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz. In addition to exhibiting at the Tannery, Leong has also participated in group shows at Lúpulo (Santa Cruz), Art Research Office at Sentinel Printers (Santa Cruz), Pajaro Valley Arts Council (Watsonville), Arbor Café (Oakland), and Museum of Art and History (Santa Cruz). This is Leong’s first solo show in San Francisco.

Louise Leong’s Rebus Shmebus is on view at Rare Device from Friday, April 1 to Wednesday, May 3. Please join us for a reception for the artist on Friday, April 1, from 6pm-9pm at our Divisadero location (600 Divisadero Street). This reception is free and open to the public. You can RSVP on the Facebook page here

Sara Diamond Artist Reception and Gallery Exhibition


Photography and installation photos by Sara Diamond

Our March gallery show is up: Sara Diamond's strange ways is on view through March 29 at Rare Device Divisadero. We had a great turnout at our reception this past Friday. Guests had the opportunity to meet Sara and view the artist's new and and recent photographs. Thank you all for coming!

strange ways will be up until Tuesday, March 29 at Rare Device Divisadero (600 Divisadero Street). Framed prints can be purchased online. We also have a selection of small prints and zines by Sara Diamond. For more information, contact Giselle Gyalzen at or call us at 415-863-3969.

Guests at the opening reception for Sara Diamond's strange ways

Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond small archival digital prints, 5x5"

A selection of Sara Diamond's zines