Svensk Soy Candle


Handmade Local

Svensk Soy Candles are hand-poured with the finest organic soy wax, blended with a signature mix of pure essential oils, and sealed with a 100% natural cork stopper. 10oz.

FREDAGSMYS - "Friday Cuddles". Freshly picked fruit of tangerine in combination with steam-distilled leaves of sage makes this inviting sweet yet fresh scent perfect year around.

SKÄRGÅRDEN - "Archipelago". Clean and light aroma of citrus blended with a complimentary woodsy eucalyptus.

SKOGSPROMENAD- "A Walk in the Woods". The woodsy balsamic warmth of the sandalwood is infused with the fresh citrus peel of bergamot.

SOMMARÄNG - "Summer Meadows". The familiar sweet floral lavender aroma infused with rejuvenating rosemary. 

Dimensions: 4.5" x 3"