Soda Fired Tumbler


Handmade Local

Made by hand for your hand, is not just a saying. This cup was designed to nestle in the palm of your hand, capturing that perfect symphony of warmth radiating from your favorite cup of coffee or tea. The lip a perfect catch to keep if from slipping from your hand and a great perch to grip when it’s just a little too warm.

Never-predictable soda firing is a vapor glazing (or atmospheric glazing) technique, where the glaze is painted on by the flame. Created by spraying a dissolved solution of soda ash into the kiln wile firing. Which results in a glaze surface completely unique every time and unreproducible in any other type of kiln. 

Each cup's pattern is unique so the cup pictured here will not be the exact one that you will receive.

Holds 12 fl. oz of liquid. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Dimensions: approx 4" high x 3.125" in diameter

DESIGNER: Luvhaus Ceramics