Reclaimed Apothecary Matchstick Bottle


Independent Local

Reclaimed apothecary medical jar bottles have been re-purposed into striking matchstick bottles. The bottom of the bottle consists of an etched striking strip to create a strikeable surface for the strike anywhere matches that are included. The new surface makes for a more consistent strike with no grooves to get filled with residue.

The idea for Apothecary Matchstick Bottles came from Oaklander Jen Pearson's desire to fulfill a personal need. She created a little altar in her home with photos, candles and items special to her. She wanted to have matches be available for igniting either incense or candles, however a matchbox did not have a special enough feel. The idea was that everything in her altar was to be beautiful, even down to the matches that was giving light or igniting the scent. Then it came to her - put matches in a glass bottle. Still, she needed a matchbox around to ignite the matches, which defeated the purpose. Instead then questioned - would it be possible to have the bottle function as a matchbox? That is where the experimenting began, and how she came to design the strike-able matchstick bottle.

The idea for using reclaimed apothecary bottles came from a conversation she had with her mother who works in a hospital. The medical industry doesn't reuse the glass bottles, so Jen decided that after sterilizing the bottles, she could reuse the old apothecary bottles that would otherwise be thrown into the trash. A match made in heaven - a love for sustainable design and simple, functional aesthetic.

Featured in Country Living Magazine, September 2011 Makeover Issue.

Dimensions: Glass is 3.75" height, 2" bottom diameter; matches are 2" long

DESIGNER: Jen Pearson