Dark, Wild, + Deep Collection Candle


The Dark, Wild, + Deep collection is consists of hypnotically rich soy wax candles hand-poured in Tatine's Chicago-based studio. An ode to the night, these enchanting votive candles evoke the whisky-soaked, moonlit, and smoke-filled, fragrant with evening blooms.

City of Night: Ghostly notes of dark hinoki oil and charred vetiver blended with cypress and fir needle create a deep fragrant resin. Black pepper and evocative woody floral accords are finished with velvety leather and oaked whiskey. Totally seductive.

Devotion: Layers of dried black tea leaves steeped in lemongrass and balsam fir, blended with woodflower oil and drops of effervescent bergamot oil. Finished with deep green mossy accords.

Moonlight Mile: A potion of grapefruit flower and musk powder, with deep notes of sandalwood, black patchouli and mysterious, bewitching golden moon oil.

Strangest Color Blue: From the depths of the salted sea a strange and beautiful dream. Fresh flower petals float atop melodious waves of scented dark blue waters. Driftwood and water lily slowly sail through a mist of sheer musk to create a soft and dreamy fragrance. 

Dimensions: 2 oz, 16-hour burn time.