365 Notebook A6


This simple notebook has delicate accents to its design and is bound with 380 sheets of junpakushi, the traditional paper used for Japanese tear off calendars. This paper is light and translucent, but has a solid heft and makes for a smooth writing surface. The cover comes with a silver foil stamped logo.

It comes with a shitajiki, to keep your writing neat and work as a book mark so you don't loose your place. The semi-transparent nature of the paper allows you to utilize the grids and lines printed on the shitajiki

The cover is made from satogami paper, which is gentle to the touch and reminiscent of the warmth of nature. It comes in a variety of colors, which reflect the nature of the four seasons that are so imbued within Japanese culture. Made in Japan.

Dimensions: 5.83" x 4.13"

DESIGNER: 365 Notebook