The Cleaver Quarterly Issue #8


The Cleaver Quarterly covers Chinese cuisine as a global phenomenon and a lifelong mission. It features lively longform writing about different types of Chinese food from Beijing to Brasilia, from London to Lagos, and New York to New Delhi.

Issue #8 of the Cleaver Quarterly includes, a spirited roundtable discussion about untranslatable Chinese foods. A delectable roudnup of the sandwiches of China, from donkey burgers to the coffin sandwich. A board game that challenges you to keep the Qing emperor happily fed with wild game and woodlands foraging. The complicated history of chopsticks. The story of a family recipe booklet that led to an epic cooking challenge. The eye-opening Chinese dishes designed to repel the Japanese invaders during WWII. A hot take on the brusque customer service at Chinese takeout joints. A history of the Chinese restaurants that attracted London bohemians and outsmarted war rationing + more.

Dimensions: approximately 7 3/4" x 10 3/4", 80 pages


DESIGNER: The Cleaver Quarterly