Laro Parfum 5 mL


Independent Local Organic

LARO is a line of luxury, artisan, All-Natural unisex fragrances made in small batches in Northern California. The original fragrances have been reformulated into longer-lasting, more exquisite compositions. These fragrances are 100% natural, made with essential oils, absolutes and natural isolates. 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. 

Big Sur: Notes of sage, nettles, oakmoss, basil, conifers and the California Bay

Chanteuse: Notes of patchouli, Madagascar vanilla, Mysore sandalwood along with resins, herbs and florals for a smoky, rich scent

Bourbon: Notes of cedarwood, clove, bourbon vanilla, cognac, balsamic woods, and pipe tobacco

Dimensions: 2.625" x .875" x .875", 5mL bottle


DESIGNER: L'Aromatica Perfume