One For You, One For Me by Tiffanie Turner


A very special show by local artist Tiffanie Turner at the Divisadero gallery for two days only, November 1 and 2. In honor of Dia de los Muertos, Turner created "One For You, One For Me", an exhibit of large scale work. Two of Turner's giant paper marigolds went on display for the two days of Dia de Los Muertos. The marigold, known not only as the "herb of the sun" but as the "flower of the dead", is traditional, symbolic, and imbued with different meanings throughout the world. Turner explores the large scale construction of the heads of marigolds as a meditation on the people she has lost, as well as the way the marigold itself grows.

Each bloom is handmade by Turner and involves individually cutting thousands of paper petals over approximately 120 hours. The finished products span over 40 inches.