The Sandwich Thief


Marin loves the sandwiches his parents make for him—everyday they're different and more delicious than the last. One morning, someone dares to steal his favorite sandwich: ham-cheddar-kale. Furious, Marin begins a fevered and famished investigation to unmask the thief. The days go by, the suspects multiply, and Marin's sandwiches continue to disappear. This droll, graphic caper is a funny school mystery exploring the high stakes of low blood sugar. The first in a series, the book's witty text and graphic illustrations make this funny school mystery perfect for early and advanced readers alike—and for anyone who's been the victim of lunchtime crime. Written by Andre Marois and illustrated by Patrick Doyon.

Dimensions: 7" x 8.75" ; 160 pages

DESIGNER: Andre Marois