Inlay Tripod Offering Plate


Porcelain inlay series are inspired by the shorelines of southern california beaches. The different clay bodies pressed together are reminiscent of sedimentary rocks textured by erosion and diverse in their form and color.

The tripods started as a way of making the small dishes extra special by elevating them and making them perfect for burnt offerings/incense, or as a safe resting place for a cherished piece of jewelry.

These plates come in a variety of colors, and no 2 are alike. Please include your color preference in the message when you order and we will do our best to match it. If what you want is not avaialble, we will communicate with you before we ship.

Dimensions: (approx) small is 3.5" round x 1" tall; medium is 5" round 2-3" tall; large is 6" round x 2" tall